WorkShop :Dry flowers and Epoxy resin - learn all about it!
Marija Mihailovic
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WorkShop :Dry flowers and Epoxy resin - learn all about it!

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basic/advanced knowledge about dried flowers and Epoxy resin
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Über Marija:

My name is Marija Mihailovic and coming from Serbia. For 15 years I was living in Russia, where I finish school and get my Master's degree in Architecture. I have more than 15 years I have experience in Architecture engineering and interior design project. After so many years working as Architect, I decided that I need to change my course to 360 degrees, and I start learning about flowers, and flower arrangements.


Interior design, architecture design, home decoration with flowers

Was du lernen wirst:

1. What is Epoxy Resin 2. How you will select proper Epoxy for your decoration 3. How to use Epoxy Resin with dried flowers 4. Where to buy a proper mold for your decor 5. How to dried flowers (very interesting topic!) 6. What is the difference between dried and preserved flowers 7. How to choose the best method for drying flowers 8. What to do when something goes wrong? (scream first :) ) And lots and lots more........

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Bring with you good mood and lot`s of humor :)

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good mood, sense of humor, coffee/tea by your choice :)