About Learn Oscar

Who is Oscar?

Did you know that Oscar was an owl in a previous life? Well, since his rebirth as a raccoon, a lot has changed: from his eating habits (he likes pretty much everything now) till his little mask on his face (which works much better with the ladies).

What definitely remained is Oscar’s curiosity! He never wants to stop learning, that would be too boring. But how could he achieve this? He simply did not have the connections... then Will came along! He had many passionate friends with great skills and introduced them to Oscar. And that’s how this little raccoon could reach new horizons!

Thanks to Oscar, we found out that raccoons are not the only ones looking for constant new challenges! We hope that our platform, Learn Oscar, will also help you to satisfy your curiosity!

A few facts about raccoons

The english name for raccoons is said to be derived from the native American language of the Powhatan people that Captain John Smith met. Their tribal daughter Pocahontas, taught him the language of her people, including the original name of raccoons, which can be translated as "the one who rubs, scrubs and scratches with his hands. So a very active little fellow with a great talent for craftsmanship!

Spanish colonists in turn named the raccoon “Mapache”, which means “the one who takes everything with his hands”. Learn Oscar is not only about craft, but also about action, creativity, socialising and a lot of fun!

Raccoons can live up to 20 years. Imagine what you can learn in this time!

Why the raccoon?

Raccoons are exceptionally curious, adaptable and are extremely fast learners. They are particularly imaginative and creative when it comes to food – their absolute favourite pastime. Their street style is refreshing, casual, authentic and a little provocative – just like Learn Oscar!