Drums, Guitar & Piano - Practice and Theory
Leonardo Marcorin
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Drums, Guitar & Piano - Practice and Theory

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I will present you with material, practice rules, and repertoire, all based on your expectations. The material will include a music sheet, videos, and other theory books/chapters for deeper knowledge. In summary, I will provide you all possible knowledge and materials to achieve your music goal.
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About Leonardo:

I am a Brazilian who relocated to Germany for work. I'm passionate about music, which I spent hours every day practice, playing, and learning.

Host qualifications:

15+ Practice of Drums & Guitar, and 8+ Practice on Piano. In Brazil, I played in several paid gigs and also attended several theory and music history courses. NOTE: I am not graduated in Music but engineering. But I have a college grade level of music and proficiency level grade 7 and years and years of live experience.

What you will learn:

The course will be drafted according to your expectations. If you want to learn more practice and no theory, we will do it. If you want to learn an instrument to start a band and play live, we'll do it. If you play an instrument but want to get deep into the theory and composition, we will do it. In summary, you will learn everything you need to know to become the musician you want to be.

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Special requirements:

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What you will have to bring:

Your instrument, since this is an online course, and a notebook with a pen. Additionally, a camera angle which I can see your hand and body posture, and if possible, a printer (or tablet) to follow the exercises during class.